Love at Heart's Haven

Find a refuge in this series of 4-book collections. Stories are filled with
inspirational romance stories written by authors Delia Latham,
Tanya Stowe, Mary Manners and Marianne Evans.

about heart's haven

Angel Falls is a sweet little fictional town in East Texas, tucked right up against the gorgeous (and very real) Angelina National Forest. Just outside Angel Falls is a piece of property owned by an elderly bachelor named Andrew Hart. This taciturn gentleman has a reputation...folks think he sees angels. Talks with them too. Hart's not about to verify that rumor, but then, he doesn't deny it either.

Hanging above the big double gates that front Hart's property, a rustic wooden sign catches the eye of passersby. The sign reads: HEART'S HAVEN. It is said there's a story behind that sign...

On the land backing Hart's huge home, eight small cottages are arranged loosely in the shape of a heart--if one were to look down on the complex from above, that's what they'd see. Seems the old guy has a bit of romance in his bones, after all.

Each unit is fronted by a gate, over which curves a trellised arch. In season, luscious roses grace the arch. But even when the flowers die out for the year, a pretty little sign hangs above each gate. MAY LOVE FIND ALL WHO ENTER HERE, it proclaims. They're words old Hart borrowed from his grandmother, Lily Hart's hand-stitched tapestry. Lily must have prayed over every stitch, because it is a fact that love almost always does find folks brave enough to pass through the gates of HEART'S HAVEN.

Are you one of those daring souls? If so...the gate is open...come on in.

Collection 1:

Heart's Haven: The Beginning

Rina Peretti’s past could destroy her future. Thanks to her pre-Christian lifestyle, she can’t marry a believer, and she won’t marry a non-believer.

Minister Derek Myers wants to help his beautiful neighbor release her guilt and trust that God has forgiven her...but the young minister is working through his own trial of faith.

Is it possible these two hurting hearts—along with a bit of divine intervention—are meant to mend each other’s brokenness and perhaps find love along the way?

Bling for the King

Delia Latham

Marianne Evans

Can two wounded hearts and a closely guarded secret lead to one forever love?

Abandoned at the altar on her wedding day, high school English teacher Kaci James vows to never fall in love again. The closest she plans to come to romance is moonlighting as an anonymous advisor at the Angel Falls Trumpet for its romance column, “Love's Lessons”.

Plagued by the senseless death of a teen on his watch, patrolman Ryne Calvert feels he's failed beyond forgiveness. But a new job as the resource officer at Angel Falls High offers a chance to redeem himself—and to be closer to elusive and lovely neighbor Kaci. Though he longs for more than friendship, Kaci thwarts his advances. She's sheltering her heart from him, but why?

When Ryne, on a dare, seeks advice from “Love's Lessons”, he and Kaci begin the dance of romance. But when Kaci's secret is finally revealed, will their two-step come to an end—forever?

Leaping with Faith

Can he trust his heart and take a leap of faith?

Zack Manning is a computer software genius. A company has just offered him a six-figure position in Manhattan. His Heart’s Haven neighbor, Zoe Wyndham, has a plan, too. She’s headed to work at an orphanage in Haiti. Zack thinks Zoe is pretty in a wispy sort of way but she’s far too ‘other-worldly’ for practical Zack…until she shows up at his front door. Then Zack falls head over heels. How can they possibly meld their oh-so-different lifestyles and find a happily ever after?

Tanya Stowe

Love at First Kiss

Dancing by Moonlight

Mary Manners

Psychologist Susanna Daniels helps troubled teens find their footing and their faith, but in the face of erroneous accusations, she's lost hope, wondering if her work at Wellsprings of Grace even makes a difference any more.

Detroit police officer Gabe Peretti has returned home to Angel Falls, Texas, burned out by the big city, his faith stretched to the breaking point by the badlands he's witnessed and tried so hard to change. He craves fresh perspective, and wisdom enough to discern God's will.

A sparkling kiss and an embattled young lady careening down the wrong path bring Susanna and Gabe together, sweeping them into a set of circumstances that will require enough faith to shine bright, and enough love to leave them both forever changed, and positively breathless.